top coated 4″x6″ direct thermal shipping label for thermal printer 500 labels per roll thermal label sticker

Product name:Thermal fanfold Label                                  Material:Paper,TOP thermal paper

Feature:Waterproof                                                             Industrial Use:express

Color:white                                                                          Adhesive:Strong Glue

MOQ:5000PCS                                                                  Packing:Plastic Bag + Carton


Three-proof thermal paper is a special type of thermal printing material that possesses waterproof, oil-proof, and dirt-resistant properties. It achieves these features by applying a special coating on the surface of the paper. The manufacturing process of this paper involves several steps. Firstly, high-quality paper is selected as the base material. Then, a thermal coating is applied to the base, including a photosensitive layer, protective layer, and adhesive layer. Lastly, the photosensitive layer is activated by thermal energy from a thermal printer, resulting in printed text, images, or barcodes. The primary application of three-proof thermal paper is for label and receipt printing in various industries. It finds wide usage in supermarkets, logistics, healthcare, and food service sectors. Its characteristics allow for clear and legible printing even in damp, greasy, or contaminated environments. Additionally, it exhibits heat resistance, enabling printing in high-temperature conditions without damage. The advantages of three-proof thermal paper lie in its ability to provide long-lasting print results that withstand everyday challenges. It can be used for barcode labels, shipping labels, food labels, medication labels, and more. Its water, oil, and dirt resistance make it suitable for outdoor environments, moist areas, and situations where frequent cleaning or disinfection is required. In summary, three-proof thermal paper is a powerful printing material that offers durable and reliable printing solutions with its waterproof, oil-proof, and dirt-resistant properties.

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