Custom red 4.5CM 5.5 coloured tape Highly adhesive coloured packaging tape sealing box express packing tape printing

Product Name:Bopp Tape                                Material:Bopp

Adhesive Side:Single Sided                               Adhesive Type:Hot Melt, Water Activated

Design Printing: Offer Printing                           Use:Carton Sealing

Advantage:Consistent good quality with reasonable price

Color: transparent/clear                                     Jumbo Roll Size:1280mm* 4000m


Adhesive tape is a commonly used packaging material that is applied to seal and secure the flaps of shipping boxes. It is typically made of polypropylene film as the backing material, coated with an adhesive layer.

The production process of adhesive tape involves several steps: Firstly, the polypropylene film roll is fed into a coating machine where the adhesive is uniformly applied onto the film. Then, the film goes through drying and curing processes to stabilize and enhance the adhesive layer. Finally, the film is cut into the desired width, wound into tape rolls, and packaged for distribution.

The primary purpose of adhesive tape is to seal shipping boxes in various industries such as logistics, transportation, and packaging. It is used for purposes like home moving, product shipment, electronic packaging, and more. The adhesive layer of the tape provides excellent tackiness and adhesion, ensuring a secure bond between the flaps of the shipping box, preventing loosening, spilling, or damage during transit.

Adhesive tape often exhibits features like waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and cold resistance, maintaining its adhesive properties in different environmental conditions. It also offers visibility, as different colors or printed markings can be used to identify different types of packages or provide relevant information.

In summary, adhesive tape is an essential packaging material that is manufactured through a production process to create an adhesive layer with stickiness and durability. It is used for sealing and securing shipping boxes, playing a critical role in the logistics and packaging industry to ensure the safe and intact delivery of packages.

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