Custom Coated Paper Lid And Base Chocolate Folding Box Chocolate Packaging Box Gift

Product Name:Gift Box             Paper Type:Paperboard

Use:Other Gift & Craft             Feature:Recycled Materials

Box Type:Rigid Boxes             Shape:Customized Different Shape

Material Structure:Art Paper+cardboard+art Paper

Size:Acceptable Customized Size

Printing:CMYK 4 Color Offest Printing

Surface Finish:4C/UV/Lamination/Varnish/Hot Stamping/Embossing/St

Artwork Format:AI PDF PSD CDR DWG


1.Art Paper(250g,300g,350g, 400g)

2.Gloss Art Paper(105g,128g,157g,200g,25g,35g,400g)
3.Grey Board Paper(250g,300g,350g,400g,450g)
4.Coated paper (210g,230g, 250g,300g,350g, 400g)
5, Rigid Board(grey paperboard, white paperboard, black paperboard)

The production process of gift paper boxes typically involves the following steps: design, material preparation, printing, cutting, folding, gluing, and assembly.

Firstly, the designer creates the appearance and structure of the gift paper box based on the client’s requirements and product specifications. Then, the necessary materials, including cardboard, decorative paper, and foil paper, are prepared according to the design requirements.

Next, the designed patterns and text are printed onto the cardboard using printing techniques such as offset printing or digital printing.

Afterward, the printed cardboard is cut into the desired dimensions using specialized cutting equipment to ensure accuracy.

Once cut, the cardboard is folded into the shape of the box. This step requires precise folding techniques and specialized folding equipment to ensure the structural integrity of the paper box.

Subsequently, the edges and folded parts of the cardboard are glued or taped together using adhesive or tape to ensure the stability and durability of the paper box. This can be done manually or with the help of automated machines.


Finally, the assembly takes place, where the lid and base are put together to form a complete gift paper box. Additional decorations such as ribbons, stickers, or embellishments may be added to enhance the visual appeal of the gift box.

The entire production process requires skilled workers and advanced production equipment to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the gift paper boxes meet the client’s requirements.

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